How to optimize a marketing campaign

First of all, remember the five essential elements in an e-mailing marketing strategy: having a database, having the consent of the recipients (permission marketing), an attractive message for the recipients, a web or landing page where to run the campaign and metrics to analyze the results. If we lack any of these elements, it is better not to continue. Furthermore, and as is obvious in any marketing strategy, it is necessary to know what we want to achieve (objectives) and what we are going to do to achieve it (strategy).

Tips to be more efficient with your marketing

  • The delivery: If after shipment we get a high rebound rate. In other words, the server has not delivered the mail to a percentage of the accounts to which we have sent it, either because the e-mail address is not written correctly or because it does not exist. In this case, the person in charge is the one who manages the database, who must try to keep the database updated, having checked if there are incorrectly written e-mails or deleting from the list those users who have unsubscribed or in previous mailings that have already given rise to delivery errors.
  • The opening: Why do I have a low open rate? Very simple, because they didn’t notice the maling issue. The subject must arouse interest in order to get the addressees to click. It would replace the headline of a news item. Please note that the first 30 characters are essential. It must be personal, impactful and clearly identify the content of the email. Watch out for certain words. If you use “Free”,”Offer”,”100%”,”Click…” it could be detected as spam and at this point the sender will also be affected. There are companies that choose to put a natural person as sender, for example “Natalia López” instead of the company name. Therefore, if our opening rate is low, the responsible party will be who wrote the “issue” and/or decided who was listed as the sender.
  • Click on the call to action: When we send an e-mail the objective, in most cases, is to generate traffic to a landing page. Therefore, all the elements of it must be designed to encourage users to click on the call to action or button that redirects to the landing page. The offer itself. Is she attractive enough? The message. Are you persuasive enough to click?
  • We have not achieved our goals: All of the above has worked, but the conversion rate is very low. We have managed to get a high percentage of those on our mailing list to visit our landing page, but hardly any conversions have been achieved. In this case, we must check if the usability of the landing page is appropriate and analyze how we have failed.